Developing & Testing New Initiatives

-Products-Services-Markets-Process Improvements-

Many organizations talk about wanting to fail

fast and fail cheaply as they think about

launching new products or services but few

have the tools to do this effectively. At Design

Quake, we will work with you and your team

to gauge customer feedback early and often

in our risk-managed process. We drive to action while helping you gain confidence that you are moving forward with a successful concept for your market.


We start with qualitative research to deeply understand customer behaviors, needs and desires. Based on these learnings, we work with your team to focus on the most important problems and opportunities, generate new ideas, and then test these ideas quickly and cheaply. After initial testing, we help you refine the concept for the best chance of success at rollout.


We believe managed “failure” through this early idea testing yields the richest response to new products and services in the most efficient manner. By the time our engagement is complete, your team will have confidence that the new product or service they are taking to market will be successful. In addition, you will obtain buy-in for your idea along the way making the go/no-go decision very easy.