Special Projects, Coaching & Training

We are committed to using our decades of business management experience to positively impact organizations. Sometimes an organization's needs don't fit neatly into our two main areas of focus (strategic initiative execution and strategic financial management). In those instances, we will work with you to determine if we are the best fit for your organization's needs. These engagements often take the form of a special project or an ongoing coaching relationship.

Examples of special projects or coaching engagements include:

  • Executive Advising & Coaching

  • Interim Executive Leadership

  • Bringing new products to market

  • Business ownership transitions

  • Structuring new business opportunities

Design Quake also offers custom training experiences for your organization focused on design thinking. We periodically offer Intro to Design Thinking workshops open to participants from many organizations in our training facility. 

Learn how we can help create the change you are seeking.

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