Strategic Initiative Execution

Great strategy is rooted in an aspirational

vision of an organization's desired future,

coupled with key insights into the current operation. In our experience, organization leaders know the key strategic problems they want to solve but how to solve them is not always obvious. These "sticky" initiatives require the organization to ask new questions and look at problems and opportunities through fresh eyes to drive to effective solutions.

At Design Quake, we want to help you move from strategic plans to action. Whether the problem is a municipality wanting to provide better customer service or a baseball stadium wanting to alter their physical space to better serve their patrons or a non-profit wanting to create a long-term sustainable business model, we can help.


We guide you to ask the right questions and to look at opportunities differently. We use a facilitative approach to draw on your  internal subject matter experts, relevant external data, and our own in-depth assessment of your customers' experience. Our methodology, using design thinking, encourages action through prototyping to test potential solutions quickly and cheaply directly with customers or stakeholders so that the best solution can be implemented for success.

Learn how our approach can lead to a more well-defined strategy and more effective execution.

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