Talent Optimization

At Design Quake we use human-centered design to coach executives and teams and optimize talent.

We believe organizations must understand what motivates and engages their employees (and prospective employees) to optimize hiring decisions, development, collaboration and productivity. We are experienced in using the tools of human-centered design and design thinking to guide our work in organizational development to align people, strategy and execution.

At Design Quake we aren't satisfied with incremental results. We want to create impact for your organization.

As a business leader, it’s your job to make sure your company puts your talent into the optimal position to produce your desired business results and beat the competition. The essence of leadership is aligning employees with business strategy—and that begins with taking an intentional and data-driven approach to getting the people part right.

Every good business has a strategy that demands results. What stands between success and failure
is in the hands of its people. Talent optimization is a discipline that provides business leaders with a
framework and tools to design culture, roles, and teams that maximize business results.

Between Business Strategy and your anticipated Business Results there are four critical steps. We help you to evaluate and manage these important steps.

1). Diagnose
The insights uncovered by diagnosing the root cause of an organization’s people problems, help to optimize how they design their people strategy, hire purposefully and inspire effectively to drive an engaged workforce that produces results

2). Design
Businesses can’t just put a random assortment of people together on a team and hope for the best. To achieve the best outcome, an organization must leverage people data to deliberately design its approach to leadership, culture, and team dynamics.

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3). Hire
The ability to hire well sets the stage for
future organizational success. Defining the roles an organization needs and matching the right person to the requirements boosts the opportunity for success.

4). Inspire
When leaders understand their employees, and employees understand each other, they are equipped to minimize conflict, reduce organizational toxicity, and communicate more effectively, letting distractions get out of the way of results.

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